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To prepare for the meeting, make sure to download and complete the Excesss Productions Wedding Reception Planning Worksheets. These forms, in conjunction with the information on this page, can go a long way in helping you nail down the events, music, and timeliness/progression of your big day.


Remember, even if you don't think Excesss Productions is the right fit as a DJ/Master of Ceremonies for your event, make sure to hire a PROFESSIONAL to run your reception! In these days of infinite music on phones, EVERYONE thinks they are a DJ... but your wedding day is too important to trust to unproven amateurs! Only an experienced professional will meet with you to plan the event, play the music that YOUR requested, and have the public speaking and planning/coordination skills needed to give this once-in-a-lifetime day the care and attention it deserves to make it a flawless and memorable event.

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