Excesss Online Songbook- search our songs and submit songs to your hosts right from your phone

No more sticky books, broken pencils and paper slips. You can now search our songbook and submit songs at each of our shows right from your phone - and you don't even need an app!

Excesss produly provides our patrons with a super easy way to search our songbooks, and submit songs directly to their karaoke hosts. No books, no slips, no pens, no trying to yell at your karaoke hosts over the music- just go to the webpage and search and submit your song.

Using our online songs earch and submission app couldn't be easier. FROM YOUR PHONE- Just click on the link below to go to excessskaraoke.com/shows.html At any of our shows, just ask your host for the code for where you are singing. That's it! Just scan the QR code, search with your phone, find the song you want to sing, and click submit!

That's it!

  • - no need for an app!
  • - enter in the unique show code
  • - search for your song
  • - click submit
PLEASE - use a SING ONE - THEN BRING ONE METHOD!- Don't submit a second song until after you have sang your first!

PLEASE USE the SAME NAME FOR ALL YOUR SUBMISSIONS or you will lose your spot in the rotation!