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Excesss Karaoke changed the way karaoke was seen in this city.

There is no denying that Karaoke has become a part of the unique culture of what this city is. Karaoke went from being on the sidelines to being a destination. Depending on where you go, you are as likely to see college kids seeing the newest hits as you are seeing retired folks crooning classics on any given night all around this city. Everyone seems to love karaoke- from people in their own bands who have toured nationally, to those who have never stepped on a stage outside of karaoke - can be found singing and making memories, week after week. Excesss would like to think that we have been a part of that change, of karaoke evolving from a novelty done in small back rooms, to being a vibrant night out, and a real part of the nightlife of this city. Over the years, there have been some great articles talking about the Columbus, Ohio karaoke culture, and we have been glad to be featured in most of those articles. We have also been nominated for and/or won various accolades and distinctions for best karaoke night over the years. We used to try and keep up with all the press and repost it here on our site- but it quickly got away from us. but please know we appreciate every article, every mention of our services and nights to a friends, and every vote we get in the various polls and papers. Here are some links to some of the old press archives we used to keep.

party planner dave casto's excesss karaoke and trivia

party planner dave casto's excesss karaoke and trivia

excesss king of karaoke pull quote

excesss king of karaoke pull quote
Excess Karaoke - voted one of Columbus' BEST KARAOKE nights by 614 readers!
614 Magazine's July 2011 Issue  "Columbusness"
"These days, nothing packs a North Campus bar quite like Excesss Karaoke"
- 614 magazine Nov 2010 Issue "Freebird" article by Erin Norris
Freebird-614 Magazine article featuring 3 of Columbus' Karaoke Hosts
3 minutes of fame - columbus karaoke
Excesss Karaoke was also featured in a March 20th edition of the Columbus Dispatch!
karaoke-is-king - columbus dispatch article link